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Business traveler mobile app

Business problem



Hello, my name is Valentina.


I lead sales and business development for a Fortune 500 company. 


I typically travel 3 out of 4 weeks in the month, and when I travel, it’s almost always internationally. Between all my travel to different time zones and busy meeting schedules in different cities, I find it challenging to show up to the right places… at the right time. 

Create a calendar app to help Valentina manage her international travel schedule.


  • User journey map

  • Wireframes

  • 2-3 color mock-ups of key screens

  • Present your design solution to project stakeholders

I wish there was a solution out there that was smart enough to help me suggest meeting times across multiple time zones and help me organize meetings with different International Business offices. It would also be great if it helps me communicate with my travel partners. Having all my travel information easily accessible would allow me to simply navigate to what I need, when I need it. A solution that could proactively work to help me during a hectic international travel trip would be a huge benefit to my companies success.

"Between all my travel to different time zones and busy meeting schedules in different cities, I find it challenging to show up to the right places… at the right time."

Meet Valentina

Discovery // Persona

Identify some generalized behaviors and actions.


Look at typical demographic and psychographic details of someone in Valentina’s position as Global Lead for Sales & Business Development. Identify the needs and pain points Valentina may be experiencing.

User research

Conduct a Research Interview with an International Business Traveler.

Collecting data and insights on current experience  and behaviors 

Research Interview will help gain insights into real world frustrations and pain points. Help validate the assumptions of what Valentina may be experiencing. Help develop our persona, assist with journey map creation, and spark ideas for a creative design solution for the project challenge.

  1. Interview (take notes on specific questions)

  2. Note observations about interview

  3. Analysis + Takeaways from interview inform feature mapping and process flows

Key Findings

Google drive hosts the scheduling EXCEL document that IBOs coordinate with all traveling participants. Valuable insight into how information is organized and labeled. Worksheet tabs organize content into:

  1. Overall Scheduling

  2. Schedule by location (tabbed)

  3. Travel Itinerary (by individual participant)

Documenting the new journey

After validating persona, discovery, and conducting research interview I was able to begin organizing and documenting the user’s current experience and journey. Research and discovery opens up ideas that allow us to leverage new technologies that guide innovation and automation.

Designer's toolbox

Next I move from flow maps and diagrams to sketching out concepts.  I still use traditional pen and paper as well as digital tools like paper 53 and other apps on iPad Pro.  

In the past, I have used other tools like iRise, Balsamic, PDF, etc. No matter the digital tool used, it always starts with some form of sketching via whiteboard, pencil, marker or apple pencil/iPad.

Traditional pen/pencil to paper

Some times the traditional older methods just allow you to quickly push ideas.

Paper 53

Digital design apps allow me to move from rough wires to colorized workflows.

Simple wires to high fidelity prototype

Recently I have been using Mural and MindNode to document and wireframe more detailed lo-fidelity screen flows.

Final deliverables

Enter travel details

Select your travel destinations. View recently visited or favorite areas.  Create your itinerary.

Choose your trip dates

Select your travel dates, which allows the app to program geo-located time zones.

Add new event

Add events with convenient names and locations.  View current and past trip events.

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