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User Experience (UX) Director

Welcome to the forefront of human centered user experience innovation. As a global UX director, I am dedicated to orchestrating teams that deliver compelling and user-friendly experiences across diverse platforms. Fueled by an unwavering commitment to excellence, my role as a UX leader extends to my current position as the FinTech UX leader at Ernst & Young's Financial Services Organization (FSO). Whether shaping the interface of a mobile app or navigating the complexities of web applications, each project is approached with meticulous attention and an unyielding dedication toward human-centered design. My philosophy hinges on collaborative iteration, and I engage closely with designers, stakeholders, and development teams to ensure the execution of experiences reach the pinnacle of excellence. Your exploration of my portfolio is sincerely appreciated, and I anticipate the prospect of collaborating with you on innovative UX solutions.

14 U.S. design patents

6 U.S. interface display design patents for the Affordable Care Act Health Compliance Solution from ADP®. 8 design patents for the ornamental design for a user interface display screen for Form W2 digital UI.

HRO TekTonic Award

Product solution team, ADP® Health Compliance solution, wins 2016 HRO TekTonic award which recognizes innovation and disruption in the world of technology

User eXperience




6 U.S. design patents for ADP® Health Compliance and 8 for digital Form W2 project for interface display design for ADP®.



2007 Top Performer award, Pearson. 8 design awards for cover and interior designs at the prestigious New York Book Show

YEARS UXperience


I've been designing websites for much longer but I have solid career in UX product design experience for just over 10 years.



120 hours of accessibility training through Deque University for web accessibility certifications.



I like to carve out a minimum of 60 minutes each day for learning and growing.  Could be work related study/research, reading, creativity, playing guitar, coaching, mentoring, etc. This fuels my growth mindset.

AI Badges & Certifications


Artificial Intelligence has become a component of the UX design process. It empowers designers to make data-informed decisions that lead to user experiences. I've completed Google's AI  course receiving 10 badge certifications and am currently working on my EY AI certifications badge. 

No experience




Axure RP


Wireframing (Miro, Mural, Balsamiq, etc.)


User Research

AI-Artificial Intelligence


It's all in the details

These days I really like leading UX within product teams, helping build quality design systems, end-to-end product design and ensuring all designs are validated with user research. My past experiences in graphic and visual design are a solid foundation for quality user interface (UI) design, however the challenges of exploratory research, complex user flows, wire-framing, lean/agile methods, design thinking, design sprints, and more really get my creative energy in full gear. Here are some examples of my work. If you like what you see, please take a look at my full portfolio link.  I also include case studies and examples of my process so you can see some of the finer details, however, due to company privacy and NDA's, you'll need the password to access some of those areas;) Contact me directly for more information.

Take a Look

Tax Reporting compliance managed service solution for big 4 accounting firm.

Reimagined user interface display for US Government Form W-2 Earnings report.

Travel mobile app concept for business travelers.

Wireframe testing concept for TheaterMania's Gold Member access.

While his design and artistic skills are truly remarkable, what I as an ethnographic researcher appreciate the most about John is his constant focus on the user at the center of each of his design experiences!

Dr. Krista H.

Senior User Experience Researcher

He has a unique way of combining passion, technical understanding, drive and creativity to all that he does. He is a savvy manager that creates elegant solutions.

Carole A.

Design Director

He’s engaging, motivated, and talented. He’s the person you want leading your design efforts and mentoring your designers. John balances big-picture thinking with the important details; quick concepts with finely-crafted designs.

Weston T.

User Experience Principal

Mobile app design concept portfolio image

"People ignore design that ignores people."

— Frank Chimero

Effective product design necessitates the integration of diverse research methods and thorough requirements gathering to comprehensively comprehend challenges and validate solutions, thereby ensuring the optimal user experience. Acknowledging the resource constraints that some businesses face in hiring dedicated UX Researchers, I've been fortunate to lead teams of proficient UX design and research professionals throughout my career. Collaborating with these experts has not only enriched my own skills but has also empowered me to seamlessly integrate qualitative and quantitative research methods into my design processes. Functioning as a hybrid designer and leader of UX design professionals, I am adept at orchestrating collaborative efforts that result in designs validated to resonate with users, combining usability and genuine affection.

My journey

Industry leader Arrived™ distributing your product samples through self-care venues came to JMG for website and identity branding.

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